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Entering the paralegal field will require much more than a love for the legal industry. Being familiar with the rules, regulations and laws the govern the industry will help you to find suitable employment. Learn what you can do to make yourself a valuable asset and landing a job in a law firm will be simple.

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Although many people become paralegals because of the potential to make a high salary, further education will be required to meet your full potential. Education is tantamount in the paralegal field, but experience, expertise and skills will be the most important factors that employers will be on the lookout for.


There are many high paying jobs that require minimal training but most industries have become over saturated. People interested in getting into the paralegal field will have a better chance of succeeding if they know where the best job markets are located. Find out more about the direction of the paralegal field and prepare yourself for the future.

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N.C. Group Fraudulently Purchasing Foreclosed Properties

Attorney General Ray Cooper of North Carolina obtained a court order giving his office authority to stop a group that is filing fraudulent liens and deeds in an effort to claim ownership of foreclosed properties. The temporary restraining order bars Nu Vision International Trust, ONCE International Land Trust, Natural International Land Trust and several individuals from taking possession of properties by filing documents that are fraudulent and have no legal standing.

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Casey Anthony Acquittal May Spur New State Law

In outrage over the acquittal of Casey Anthony in the 2008 murder of her two year old daughter, lawmakers in Connecticut are making plans for a new law. The legislation will be called "Caylee's Law" and is set to be introduced at the next legislative session. The legislation will enforce stricter laws against parents who take too long to report a missing child.

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Atlanta Paralegal Sentenced In Fraud Case

Ola Suzanne Stowers worked for nearly 10 years as a paralegal to an Atlanta law firm that specializes in real estate closings. The 34 year old paralegal used her position to defraud her employer out of nearly $300,000 over the span of two years. After being instructed to close a bank account with BOA, Stowers redirected funds paid by clients into the fraudulent bank account. Stowers also had the bank change the contact information to her own so that bank statements would be sent to her home instead of to the law firm for which she worked.

After forging the signature of one of her employers, Stowers was able to divert more than $175,000 from an escrow account into the fraudulent Bank of America account which she had control over. After several months, Stowers had nearly wiped the bank account clean, but her crimes went unnoticed. Then, nearly two years later, Stowers once again stole nearly $100,000 from her employer in the form of checks.

Stowers was later arrested for identity theft and bank fraud. Her case was handled by the FBI in conjunction with President Barack Obama's newly established Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force (FFETF). Stowers was convicted on all charges and sentenced to three years in federal prison. She was also held responsible for repaying the more than $260,000 in restitution. Ola Suzanne Stowers plead guilty to her crimes in April of 2011, which is likely why she was able to avoid receiving a much harsher sentence from the judge who oversaw her case.

09.07.2011. 10:23

North Carolina Deputy Charged With Vehicular Homicide

According to the accident report, Deputy Bradley Tabor was on duty and driving his police car at a high rate of speed when it collided with the van driven by Mildred Worley. The accident took place on I-70, a heavily traveled highway in North Carolina. Worley was taken to a nearby hospital and later succumbed to her injuries. At the time of the accident, Tabor was clocked driving at more than 100 miles per hour. He was not in pursuit of a fleeing driver and he was not in route to the scene of an accident.

Although Worley's death was accidental, Tabor has been arrested on charges of reckless driving and misdemeanor death by vehicle. Because the officer lied about the events leading up to the accident, he has dismissed from the Craven County Police Department. Tabor first said that Worley had stopped her car in traffic and had the lights on her vehicle off. Investigators were able to reconstruct the accident and found that Worley was actually traveling at approximately 50 miles per hours at the time of the collision.

In many states, police officers that are on duty are legally permitted to drive in excess of the speed limit, even if they are not responding to a call. However, they are not allowed to act in a manner that could put innocent lives at risk. Because Tabor was not in route to the scene of a crime, and also because he lied about the events that caused the accident, he failed to live up to his sworn duties as a police officer.

20.06.2011. 06:19



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